Create a collection

The first step in creating an NFT collection in to create a collection. All you need to get a new collection started is a name (although you'll eventually need some artwork, too).

If you've never created a lasagna collection before, you'll be greeted with a blank canvas at the home page of the application. This is where the magic begins - just enter your collection name and click the "Start a new collection" button.

Lasagna home page

Note that you cannot change your collection name after you've created it, so make it a good one. If you really want to change the name, you can always delete the collection and start over with a new name - creating collections with lasagna only takes a couple seconds.

After you've created your first collection, you'll be able to see a carousel list of all your collections on the home page of the application. There will be a placeholder icon to represent your collection - this will be replaced with a sample token image once you've created some tokens.

Collection carousel

There is no limit to the number of collections you can create and manage with lasagna, so feel free to go crazy.