Finalize your collection

Once your collection is perfected, you're ready to finalize and download your collection files. Just click the "My collection is ready" button in the bottom right of the tokens page, then click the "Finalize my collection" button to begin the finalization process.

Finalize collection drawer

Before you can download your tokens, you will be prompted to pay for your the future. This fee does not currently apply and everything is free for the time being 🙂.

Payment drawer

Once you have paid for your collection, you will then be prompted with the option to pin your tokens to IPFS with thirdweb. For more information on pinning, read our Pin tokens to IPFS with thirdweb guide. Pinning your tokens is optional - if you wish to skip the pinning process, simply click the "Skip pinning" button.

Pin tokens

After making your pinning selection and paying for your collection, your tokens and token metadata files will be assembled. Larger collections can take several minutes to complete, so you have the option to enter an email address to be notified once the collection is ready for download. To get notified, click the "Notify me when done" button at the bottom right and enter your email address when prompted.

Progress drawer

When the collection is complete, you will see a set of buttons for downloading tokens and downloading token metadata. Tokens will be batched into zip files of 2,500 tokens per file (for the sake of faster processing time and downloads). After you download your files, your collection is ready for launch!

Finished drawer