Set collection metadata

Lasagna makes it easy to manage metadata for your collection, like the description and token naming logic. Simply populate the fields you wish to update and click the "Update collection" button.

Edit collection page

Token name

You can create a naming template which will be applied to each token in the "Token name" field. Lasagna will take a guess at how each token should be named, but you can always change it to better suit your collection. If you want, can use the a placeholder of {id} and lasagna will automatically replace it with the respective token's ID. For example, if your naming template is Garfield #{id}, a token with an ID of "5" would be generated with a name of "Garfield #5".

Token description

You can apply a generic description which will be applied to each token in the "Token description" field. This will automatically apply to each token and will appear in the "description" field of your token metadata file. You can also overwrite this value on a token-by-token basis when you edit individual tokens.