Welcome to lasagna

Lasagna is a tool to help web3 creators build NFT collections faster than ever. Manage your traits, fine-tune collection attributes, generate thousands of tokens, customize token appearance with rules, pin tokens to IPFS and generate collection trait metadata all in one platform. Here is an overview of the guides we have available:

Create a collection - Learn how to create a brand new collection using lasagna. All you need is a name to get started.

Export assets - Prepare your traits and export your assets so that lasagna is able to process them effectively.

Add assets - Lasagna makes it easy to upload hundreds of assets with our super speedy drag-and-drop tool. Just organize your traits into folders and upload everything in seconds.

Manage assets - Assign rarities, edit layers, update trait names and more. Keep your collection traits neat and tidy with our asset management tool.

Add recipes - Learn how you can apply rules (a.k.a. "recipes") to your collection. Recipes make it easy to ensure traits only gets rendered in a token together if you say it's ok.

Set collection metadata - Add essential attributes for your collection like token names and descriptions. These properties are useful to meet metadata requirements when it comes time to launch your collection.

Generate tokens - Discover how lasagna lets you generate and manage up to 20,000 tokens with the click of a button.

Finalize your collection - Once your collection is picture perfect, learn how to finalize it and get it ready for launch.

Pin tokens to IPFS with thirdweb - If you would like some assistance in keeping your tokens pinned to IPFS, lasagna is here to help. Learn more about how we leverage thirdweb to make sure your collection is persisted to the Ethereum network.

Token metadata - See what comprises your token metadata in the JSON files that we provide after your collection is finalized.

Launch your collection - Learn more about next steps after you've downloaded your lasagna NFT collection.